Past Life Reading

By exploring past lives, we can bring profound healing and understanding to our current life situations, behaviours and relationships. The Soul never dies. It experiences many lifetimes, much learning and many loves. The Soul has memories of the past and sometimes these memories can be the root cause of what is holding us back in the present. We come into this world for learning and growth and to heal the emotional content we carry with us through lifetimes regarding every thought, word and deed. By choosing to look into our past lives, we can discover the events that first set us upon this path and we can heal it so that we can release attachment and repetition of old patterns.

Who were you in past lives?
Why did you choose this life?
Did you have a soul mate and will you be reunited?
What lessons did you come in to learn from this lifetime?
What karma are you carrying over from previous lifetimes?
Were you with any of your current family members or friends?
What talents did you have in other lives that you can use now?

Hi Lisa, I wanted to write to thank you for the reading you did for me yesterday. I think you have an amazing gift and I appreciate your openness which is what I gained the most out of the reading. I felt very energised after the reading and still do. I will have no hesitation in the future to recommend you to friends.