Past Life Regression

Are You Ready for Past Life Regression Hypnosis?

  • Do you want to release fears or phobias that may result from a past life?
  • Do you want to heal your relationships?
  • Are you interested in having a better understanding about your spiritual path and your life purpose?
  • Would you like the opportunity to find out more about your Soul Mate?
  • Do you have an interest in communicating with your Spirit Guides?
  • Do you want to discover extraordinary details about your past?

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is an extremely dynamic and powerful way to go within and connect with your higher self to deepen your understanding of your life purpose and soul lessons. Experiencing your past lives gives you the opportunity to learn about your karmic patterns, receive insights into who you are and why you are here. People may explore a past life to help them gain an understanding of some of the issues that they are being faced with in this life being emotional, physical and spiritual, thus giving them the opportunity to move past them. PLRT is powerful and transforming and certainly life changing. Look into your past and discover how you could move closer to the goal of achieving your own Self mastery.

Hi Lisa, I wanted to write to thank you for the reading you did for me yesterday. I think you have an amazing gift and I appreciate your openness which is what I gained the most out of the reading. I felt very energised after the reading and still do. I will have no hesitation in the future to recommend you to friends.