Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for your reading this morning, you were right in saying I have been stuck in a cycle but right again that just before the end of the year it shifted as I shifted something inside me and let go. I finally understand the concept – if that’s the right word – of fear and have worked really hard in the last few months to shift it from my thinking and actions and releasing it.

For you to give the reading for me today that you did I truly believe it lifted that last part of my fear and I honestly feel a sense of freedom that I’ve not ever felt, it’s like the last piece of my healing puzzle is in place and the best part of it is I am not feeling guilt associated with this freedom. I cannot wait to meet my soul mate, fall in love and move forward through the next part of my journey. I haven’t been able to wipe the smile from my face all day. I just really wanted to say thank you. Kindest regards,


Hi Lisa, You encouraged me to write, though I sit here not knowing what to write…..

The “logic” side of me is struggling to think of something that might satisfy and measure up to that “judgemental” side of me … very frustrating. But, several minutes later as I allow myself to feel what I want to express, I see you!

You told me I would see that angel, that beautiful vision of something so non-judgemental, forgiving and pure… I have already seen her. She is you.

I saw you as I have seen no other. For a moment I was in awe of what I experienced during our session. You appeared to me with a beautiful white glow around you, and at that moment I felt loved, unconditional love, a love denoting peace, calmness and affirmation.

I have reflected many times on the effects and outcomes the session had for me, you are a truly inspiring and uplifting human being who gives from within. I felt that, and it is truly a beautiful thing. As the days pass, I will continue to reflect, look to the future and make some choices in life that will empower me, give me a sense of purpose and feelings of a more fulfilling life. You have come into my life for a reason and I know that reason is to enhance my world. From the depths of my soul, I thank you.

Maree P

Hi Lisa, Just wanted to send you an email and say how grateful I am for your words of wisdom yesterday. It was probably one of the best reading’s I’ve ever had. No lie 🙂 Much love to you

Danielle B

Hi Lisa, Thank you Lisa for the reading you did on Monday. I found it very re-assuring. I still feel enlightened and am opening my senses to recognise and capture what I have been given. You are lovely. Kind regards

Eleni P

Hi Lisa, I wanted to write to thank you for the reading you did for me yesterday. I think you have an amazing gift and I appreciate your openness which is what I gained the most out of the reading. I felt very energised after the reading and still do. I will have no hesitation in the future to recommend you to friends. Warm regards


Hi Lisa, I came and saw you late last year and you told me a lot of promising things about my future. In particular, you described a person starting with ‘J’, whom you thought I would meet at the beginning of the year, and gave me quite a specific summary about him/his/ background/lifestyle etc. As you might remember from my previous email to you, I did in fact meet this person (on my bday!) and we have been happily together ever since. J does indeed encompass all of the traits you described (working in the health industry, involved in massage therapy, also has a keen interest in nutrition, is spiritual, 27 years old, kind face, dark hair, European background, etc).

Leanne K

Hi Lisa, I walked away today feeling great like I always do once I’ve been to see you. The last year in particular has been a really difficult time where I have been really confused about what is going on and why I can’t think straight! The great news is I can finally see my way out of it.

I want to thank you for the kindness and caring you have shown to me. I also really appreciate your honesty by not just telling me what I want to hear but telling me how things really are! Not many people have the strength to do that

Steve H

Hi Lisa Thank you for the soul reading, it was great!! All the best

Bianca H :)

Thanks again, I thought that you were amazing. Best Wishes

Julie F

Dear Lisa, I have found my contact with you both helpful and inspirational – so a very very big thank you! Warm wishes

Lynette J
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